Why iMac Macbook production before Maverick Osx no internet recovery?
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Why iMac Macbook production before Maverick Osx no internet recovery?

Mac software update tidak bisa di saved
Picture 1. Mac selected software update can not be saved in error caused by efi firmware not updated.

Of course You already know the how Mac goes to Internet Recovery many who say press "Command" + "R" if in the keyboard window press "Control" + "R" but should follow my recommendation way that is press "Command" + "Option" + " R "or on the keyboard Window press" Control "+" Alt "" R ".

Why Macbook output in 2010 down can not internet recovery? it's all because internet recovery support began to be included in efi bios firmware since Maverick Osx around 2011 while the Mac output of previous year can go to internet recovery only with updated efi firmware through the way when Yosemite Osx out You have update to Yosemite where will happen automatic update efi firmware rom for internet recovery.

For those who do not have internet recovery how to update efi firmware bios for Mac? the answer is Yosemite installers will also automatically automatic update efi firmware and put the partition for internet recovery otherwise even if You still have the installer under Maverick Osx for Mac, Your Mac can not pass the software update verification by Apple thus can not install many games and applications on Your Mac like problem in Picture 1.

Update 10 12 2017: it is recommended to upgrade Your Mac Osx to atleast Maverick where you can update to higher Mac Osx as high as your hardware can support :)

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