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Sony Playstation Service Center & Repair

Sony Playstation Repair Service in Singapore Available: Playstation 3, Playstation 4, PSP Vita, etc.
We repair and replace spare parts for various models of the Sony Playstation series start in recovering dead Playstation. Because of our expertise and experience, we are able to provide top-quality services for the following repairs : repairing playstation HDMI, playstation update failure, playstation data recovery, backing up data from playstation and many more.
To find out more about the prices of the repairs, please select a model.

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Sony Playstation Repair

We provide repair services on Sony Playstation update failure, offering similar quality as Sony Playstation Service Center and many more.

Breakdown Price
Cdrom / Drive 120 SGD
Lens 120 SGD
Overheated (Yellow Light of Death) 120 SGD
Power Circuit 60 - 120 SGD
Update Failure 50 - 90 SGD
Wifi 90 SGD
Waterdamage Cleaning 20 SGD
Cleaning overhaul (CD cannot go in properly or Play for a few hours automatically shutdown) 90 SGD
Sony Playstation Portable Repair

We also provide repair services on Sony Playstation Portable hardware such as Playstation Motherboard and many more.

Breakdown Price
Analog Joy Stick -
New Battery -
Button 35 SGD
Casing 50 - 80 SGD
Custom Firmware (Highlight) 45 SGD
Harddisk with Software included 1TR - 120 SGD
Lcd -
Lens 90 SGD
Memory Slot 45 SGD
Motherboard 170 SGD

*note: Price of Fixing the Sparepart - 20 SGD

Sony Service & Repair Technical Support

We provide technical support services for Sony Playstation repair and software repairs such as Playstation Controller, Playstation data recovery and many more.

Software and Technical Support Service Price
Controller Secondhand - 35 SGD
Data Recovery 25 SGD
Games and Songs 25 - 50 SGD
Software Auto Restart 25 SGD
Software Errors Problem 25 SGD
Software Optimization 25 SGD

We are the best repair center in Singapore regarding services in Sonny Playstation repair, and we also accept repair units of different types. What are you waiting for, if you have problems with the Sony Palystation, or want to buy spare parts, contact us immediately.