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Republic of Gamers Service & Repair

We can repair and replace sparepart for all ROG (Republic of Gamers) notebook dan desktop version with original sparepart and experience in service repair ROG making us the most preferred shop to fix Your ROG.

Selected Brand : Sony      Selected Product: Rog Asus

Republic of Gamers Laptop Notebook Service & Repair

Republic of Gamers Notebook repair service in Singapore.

Damage Price
Backlight Ic Chipset 390 SGD
Bios Chipset 390 SGD
Bridge Chipset (Controller input output seperti drive, memory, usb, keyboard, etc ...) 390 SGD
Motheboard Shortcircuit (Tegangan tinggi) 420 SGD
Vga Display Chipset 550 SGD
Waterdamage (Kena / masuk air) 20 SGD ++
Wifi & Bluetooth 90 SGD


Republic of Gamers Notebook Spareparts

New Republic of Gamers Notebook spareparts or modification.

Sparepart Price
Camera 60 SGD
Charging Connector (cannot charge) 140 SGD
Hinge 140 SGD
Keyboard 240 SGD
LCD Broken or Crack 490 SGD
Memory Slot Riser 280 SGD
Mic 40 SGD
Motherboard 1450 SGD
New Battery 290 SGD
Replacement Casing or Chassis A - 220 SGD B - 190 SGD C - 220 SGD D- 150 SGD
Speaker Speaker


Republic of Gamers Notebook Software Service

Republic of Gamers Notebook Software technical support.

Service Price
ROG Data Recovery Software - 70 SGD Hardware - 150 to 300 SGD CleanRoom SSD Service - 500 to 1000 SGD
Games and Song 40 SGD
Reinstall new OS 40 SGD
Software Auto Restart 40 SGD
Software Errors Problem 40 SGD
Software Optimization 40 SGD