Solution Macbook A1708 A1709 keyboard got liquid so difficult hard to press
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Solution Macbook A1708 A1709 keyboard got liquid so difficult hard to press

Figure 1. clean the keyboard A1708
Picture 1. how to clean the Macbook keyboard A1706 A1707 A1708 after coffee spill

Since 2015 the 12-inch Macbook and the new A1707 A1706 A1708 Macbook retina have a very different keyboard from the previous one where previously used latch and hinge made from iron to make lighter but now keyboard buttons on Macbook using slide and plastic. The problem of using slides and plastic is after there is liquid spill such as coffee or water or even drink with sugar. These liquid spill will make Macbook keyboard difficult to use press again, sticky or stuck thus need to be cleaned, how to clean the keyboard Macbook retina A1706 A1707 A1708 is opened from the bottom like Figure 1. then use Zippo lighter liquid or alcohol for clean the stain and the remaining sticky sugar after the bottom finish top open.

tombol copot dari Macbook Touchbar
Picture 2. button dislodged from Macbook Touchbar

cara pasang balik tombol keyboard Macbook A1708
Picture 3. how to reinstall the Macbook A1708 keyboard key

In addition to the Macbook keyboard hit the coffee yg cause the button so hard pressed , Macbook output of 2016 all have problems when pressed his voice noisy at all. Fortunately for noisy noise problems click the Macbook keyboard can be claimed Apple warranty authorized service provider will be given a keyboard that is more not sounded because the roundabout on the button was enlarged :)

How about the Macbook Touchbar keyboard key loose , should I replace the new keyboard? in Figure 2. there is a spacebar keyboards off finally I try to install back. After how many times it turns out the bounce on the keyboard is set by plastic so before the slide into the plastic place on the left and right by bend pelan2 to perfect which finally takes 1 hour and even then not perfect where the end of the key space bar does not register the input to Macbook. The solution: replace the new Macbook A1706 A1707 A1708 keyboard in Zapplerepair, please do not forget during the special turnback for the spacebar button see Figure 3.

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