solution iMac Macbook fan keep running noisy never stop
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solution iMac Macbook fan keep running noisy never stop

make Your Mac last longer with automatic fan speed
Picture 1. Do you want to make Your Mac last longer? the solution is set higher fan speed to keep it cool hence faster processing and longer lasting.

Have you heard of the application, Mac Fan Control by Crystal Idea? When are we required to use it? Do you even know how to use it? We’re here to make things easier for you. So continue reading and you will be able to learn how to use this very useful application.


1. iMac or Macbook's hard disk is changed to SSD.
2. iMac or Macbook'shard disk is changed to a different temperature sensor head.
3. Macbook Air is over-used and hence needs to cool down to prevent premature CPU error.
4. Sensor or fan of iMac/ Macbook is noisy, which means it is faulty or about to spoil.

An important thing to take note is that not all the noise that comes from your device is from the fan. It may also come from the power supply.


1. Download and open Mac Fan Control application.
2. Click “Custom”, then you will be directed to the page you see in Picture 1.
3. Click “Custom RPM value”.
4. Set the value as “2000”.
5. Set preference to start Mac Fan Control automatically,

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