iMac Macbook Mac Mini Mac Pro set up install Window 10 bootcamp

iMac Macbook Mac Mini Mac Pro set up install Window 10 bootcamp

gdisk protection gpt csrutil disable
Picture 1. clear the protection for harddisk in Mac OSX to edit from hybrid MRB GPT to pure GPT using gdisk

When you wanna install bootcamp whether it is original or fake Window 10 into iMac Macbook Mac mini Mac Pro with update year 2016, installing is not as easy as last time anymore unless you want to do just Window in Your Mac then will be straight forward. I will divide this tutorial into 3 categories of outcome that You want :)

Run your Mac using Window 10 only

This option is the easiest one as all Window 10 cd now come with efibot if your Mac production year is from year 2010 and below then you can just install normally like how window 10 is installed while for Mac which is made after late 2010 you need bootcamp so pls read the second category. Step by Step installing Window 10 only in Mac:

1. put in your usb flashdisk or Window 10 installation cd
2. on Your Mac then swiftly press and hold "Option" button
3. choose efibot option, install Window 10 normally
4. in Window 10, load in suitable Bootcamp driver according to your Mac product

Running Window only on Mac is not the best solution as there are many good system with Window at much lower cost on top of that you can link seamlessly with Your other Apple product :) btw You can use this solution to install first on the old Mac before later on can be use in iMac, Mac Mini dan Mac Pro year 2011 & above.

Use Bootcamp to install Window 10

The result of this category you will have dual operating system in your Mac. Step by Step installing Window 10 using Bootcamp:

1. put in your 16gb usb flashdisk which will be formated as Window installer
2. open Bootcamp assistant check install Window 8 or 10
3. put your image iso Window on your desktop run the installer using the Window image iso
4. choose how big is the Mac OSX and Window harddisk partition
5. Mac will auto restart and start the installation

Make sure you have enough harddisk space to run both OSX and sometimes if You just need Window for certain application that only run on Window, in such case i personally suggest You to get paralel software on Mac OSX as all your saved data in document folder is linked together make it easier for You in the future.

Without Bootcamp to install Window 10 but still running dual OS

The result of this category you will have dual operating system in your Mac but the only way of changing OS is by pressing option button. Step by Step dual OS Mac by installing Window 10 without Bootcamp:

1. on your Mac open disk utility, partition the harddisk and put the space for Window using Fat format
2. download gdisk pkg into Your Mac and install it
3. open your terminal run "sudo gdisk /dev/disk0" follow by "p" then "x" then "n" then "w" then "Y"
4. restart Your Mac press and hold "Option" choose efiboot
5. install Window 10 normally

if Your harddisk format GPT with hybrid MBR then you will get an error your harddisk is protected so You need to go to recovery mode by restarting and press "Command" + "R" from there run the terminal enter "csrutil disable" before doing the step 3 again like Picture 1. Another error without doing this is during the Window installing you can not make new on your harddisk as there is "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has a mbr partition table, On EFI system window can only be installed to GPT disks" error.

Another problem You may face is memory checkng system in Window is much stricter than in Mac so there may be beep beep memory error in Mac while using the Window, solution: replace a new memory with the highest possible ram bus for that system. For amazing service call our hotline 83888781.