flashing question mark Macbook iMac

flashing question mark Macbook iMac

flashing question mark Macbook iMac.jpg
Picture 1. Problem flashing question mark in Macbook iMac Mac Mini or Mac Pro error

Why my Macbook iMac come out flashing question mark showing during booting up and stuck there? it is because Your Mac cant read any valid operating system in your harddisk or ssd. Solution: the cheaper option is try to format and re install harddisk ssd or change a new harddisk ssd followed by installing new operating system.

If your Mac does not start up and then flashing the question, lets format and re install Mac Osx:

1. Turn off your Mac by pressing and holding the power button and once to turn your Mac back on
2. Press Command and R on Your keyboard to enter Mac Osx Recovery
3. Hold on until you see the Apple logo and globe
4. If prompted select the Wifi network to connect to the internet as part of start up
5. After Mac Osx Utilities window appears, select Disk Utility from Utility menu
6. Choose the harddisk you want to format then click erase > choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled), once done pls close Disk Utily
7. Click install Mac Osx which usually the second option in Mac Osx Utilities window

During step 6. if there is disk erase failed with error or You can even see the harddisk then You need to change your harddisk before installing using the steps above and harddisk ssd with description in red means still can reinstall Mac Osx but the harddisk ssd will spoil soon. Call us at 83888781 for the most convenient onsite home office Macbook iMac harddisk ssd replacement service in Singapore.

Another problem You may face is during start up when You press and hold "Option" but still can not see Your start up harddisk, Solution: In the Disk Utility window, select Your startup disk usually named Macintosh HD from the left side of the window, click the First Aid tab followed by click the Repair Disk button to verify and fix any issues with Your startup disk. For amazing service call our hotline 83888781.