iPad iPhone iMac Macbook claim warranty service in Singapore

>AppleCare+ iPhone 5C/5S dan iPod 5

Given all telco in Singapore does not provide anymore claim warranty service for iPhone because of many cheating by dealers in Singapore, all the claim warranty service can only be done at a list Apple authorised service provider in Singapore. Great but there is one problem, Singaporean usually own a few Apple product so most of the ASP now has an average waiting time of 1 - 2 hours of sending and another 1 - 2 hours of collecting time.

Currently there are 4 active recall Apple programs in Singapore:

1. Macbook Pro 15 inch 17 inch year 2011 vga graphic
2. Macbook Pro Retina 15 inch 2012 vga graphic
3. iPhone 5 battery
4. iPhone 6+ iSight camera

Every recall program has their own restriction so please contact our trained technician to explain more whether your iPhone Macbook Pro is valid for recall program.

Price for iPad iPhone Macbook claim warranty service in Singapore is S$ 50 SGD apply for iPad iPhone iMac Macbook and we also can do pick up and delivery iPad iPhone iMac Macbook claim warranty to Your house or home, call us @ 83888781.