Macbook iMac Stuck on Apple logo?

"My Macbook is stuck on the grey screen with the apple logo and the spinning wheel. After I start it up the loading bar loads a little bit, and then it starts to load again to the same amount and then the screen is just the logo and the wheel. This is really frustrating and I have tried everything to fix this myself. The problem started when I tried to update and it wouldn't install. And then about 3 weeks later I updated, and then when I restarted this happened. After inserting the original installer disc i have errors after errors so in the end i gave up."

we got that message from our customer, he faced a problem Macbook stuck in apple logo and spinning loading wheel, did u face that problem too? This problem not on Macbook only but also on iMac sometime you will got problem like that macbook imac stuck in apple logo and spinning loading wheel.

why i got this problem? just dont press power off button try this "force shut" option + command + esc or "shutdown" control + option + command + eject while the loading is spinning. The simple probability Macbook and iMac stuck at apple logo and spinning loading wheel is :

- 85% is HDD problem
- 10% bridge chipset
- 5% cable hdd (usually caused by inexperience repair man)

Q: whether this problem can be solved ?
A: yes of course
Q: how to solved this problem?
A: reinstall OSX - try to change your HDD or HDD cable
Q: i was try reinstall OSX but my Macbook / iMac still stuck at apple logo and spinning loading wheel and i don't have stock HDD
A: that mean you got problem on your HDD
Q: so what can i do now, i've been frustated faced this trouble
A: No worry we can help you..
Q: how you can help me, Buy me a new one macbook / iMac?
A: solution is, come to our place we have ready stock pre-install Macbook and Imac HDD with mountain lion for 500gb, 750gb ,1 tera and 2 tera (Special WD black 7200pm is my recommendation for people using Imac), so you get your mac ready in 5 minutes and we also expert in data recovery

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