List iTunes error message solved solution & reason why? what causes the iTunes error

iTunes Error Restore

If gadget iOS (iPad, iPod, iPhone) in condition of Connect to iTunes then You need to reconnect to Notebook or Macbook using an Original cable usb data (for iPad, iPod, iPhone) to return to normal iOS mode.

most of gadget iOS (iPad, iPod, iPhone) will not have any trouble unless it has some hardware atau software (iPad, iPod, iPhone) problem, the result will be Error Restore (iPad, iPod, iPhone). For example Error 3194 cause by Jailbreaking resulting ini Error iTunes if the jailbreak is not clean properly the result can be fatal as in this case need to change the memory.

For troubleshoot error iTunes message iPad iPod iPhone during reset restore software below list error iTunes message reset restore iPad iPod iPhone solution:
1. Error 1: problem in baseband. Error 1 usually happens when iPhone already sometimes there is already occasionally no service, no sim installed or no signal and even worse the imei already missing (guarantee error 1) so iPhone stuck at Connect iTunes Mode the reason is because iPhone searching signal.
Solution: change baseband ic chipset. Warning: from iPhone 5 onward (iPhone 5 5C 5S 6 6+ 6S 6S+) with signal searching or modem firmware missing while still in menu iOS there is risk of turning it forever in iTunes mode because to test whether what is the real problem we need to restore the software and if the result comes with no error then it is antena or transmitter ic chipset problem if it is error 1 or -1 then it is baseband problem the chances of repairing baseband ic is 50% 50% other than these two outcome the iPhone is unrepairable will be stuck at iTunes mode forever.
2. Error 3: problem in small CPU. Error 3 is caused by iPad iPhone fell hard drop on to the ground floor or the age of the iPad iPhone itself.
Solution: we can do moving of your iPhones's cpu memory replacing to an Apple id locked logicboard while for iPad case change the memory harddisk chipset but you will lose your 3G capability.
3. Error 9: problem in memory. Error 9 is caused by heat or the age of the iPad iPhone.
Solution: same solution with Error 3.
4. Error 1015: problem in software. Error 1015 usually happens because iPad iPhone is jailbreak or previously using a beta iOS. Solution: reset restore iPad iPod iPhone
5. Error 11
6. Error 14 & 16: problem in memory nand flash or memory controller. Error 14 & 16, these error does not suddenly appear the early symptom is the iPad iPod iPhone will restart by itself.
Solution: same solution with error 3.
7. Error 17: problem in software previously Error 3200.
7. Error 1600
8. Error 1601
9. Error 1602
10. Error 1604
11. Error 1611: problem in software. Solution: reset restore iPad iPod iPhone
12. Error 1661: problem with carrier setting. Solution: reset restore iPad iPod iPhone
13. Error 1671: problem at antivirus, fake cable usb or internet speed always disrupted only for iPad it is problem in memory same like Error 14 & 16. Solution: turn off the antivirus, use the original iPad iPhone usb cable and restore when the internet connection is good (this usually not a problem in Singapore) or another option is to restore using ipsw, in case of iPad memory problem please refer to error 14.
14. Error 20: problem in software. Solution: reset restore iPad iPod iPhone
15. Error 2005: problem in software, memory atau jailbreak. Solution: restore again using iTunes it will come out another iTunes error message.
16. Error 2009: problem in memory di iPad same with Error 14 & 16
17. Error 21: problem in cpu. Solution: change logicboard or change iPhone cpu memory.
18. Error 23: problem in software. Solution: reset restore iPad iPod iPhone
19. Error 29: problem in software. Solution: reset restore iPad iPod iPhone
20. Error 3002
21. Error 3004
22. Error 3014
23. Error 3194: problem in software become hardware issues after restore iTunes. Error 3194 happens because an iPad iPod iPhone with Jailbreak not clearly erase befor restoring luckily this since 2015 onward all the new jailbreak is software upgradable :). Solution: if you already restore the iPad iPad then your only solution is changing the memory of iPad iPhone but if you have not restore it clear your iPad iPhone using Tinyumberella before reset restore iPad iPod iPhone. Closed Your iTunes, open TinyUmbrella then click start TSS Server and You open iTunes follow by pressing shift then restore, choose file .ipsw which you want to flash into the iPad iPhone. For example iPhone5,1_7.0.4_11B554a_Restore.ipsw (always choose the lastest firmware to flash later on You still can downgrade the iOS software the main thing is to clear reset your jailbreak), iTunes will restore back the firmware to your gadget iOS.
24. Error 40: problem in memory. Error 40 usually happens because the technician make some mistakes while changing ic chipset or small component near or opposite side of memory chipset like iPhone 4 audio ic chipset or liquid waterdamage iPad iPhone.
Solution: change logicboard or change iPhone cpu memory.
25. Error 4005: problem in software or hardware, this error is just a passing error try to restore again to get another iTunes error message, if still the same that means there is Your iPad iPod iPhone has a battery or dock flexicable problem.
26. Error 4013: problem in network or nand chiset caused by unstable network internet or problem in nand ic chipset.
Solution: .
27. Error 4014: common problem for iPhone 4 / 4S which 80% will lead to fail memory.
28. Error 4016
28. Error 9006: problem with antivirus, fake cable usb or internet speed always disrupted. Solution: matikan antivirus, ganti usb cable yg pasti bagus dan untuk masalah internet restore pada waktu internet pasti bagus atau restore pakai ipsw.
29. Error 43
29. Error 50: problem in iPhone iTunes error
29. Error 52: problem in iPad iTunes error
30. Error 53: problem in fingerprint sensor or flexicable connecting the fingerprint to logicboard. Usually caused by unskill technician damaging the flexicable fingerprint. Solution: if Your iPhone never been opened before then You are in big trouble it is either fingerprint sensor faulty if opened before try changing the flexicable connecting the fingerprint to the logicboard hopefully it will work again :)
31. Error -1: problem in baseband same with Error 1.
32. Error -18: problem in memory of iPad same with error Error 14 & 16
33. Error -20
34. Error -23: problem in small cpu same with Error 3
35. Error -3259
36. Error -43
37. Error -48
38. Error -50
39. Error -54

How to restore and rest iPad iPod iPhone

If You see gadget iOS there is circle loading display in lcd or enter too many times wrong password and there is display on the lcd of gadget iOS is locked for unbelievable minutes, You need to How to restore and rest iPad iPod iPhone:
1. press home and power button at the same time until Apple logo comes out then release the power button and hold home button for another 5 seconds if cannot you need to go to steps 3
2. turn off the iDevice then take out the usb cable from Your Notebook or Macbook and then update the lastest iTunes software skip step 3
3. go to DFU mode, turn off the iDevice and press the power button for 3 seconds.
follow by press and hold the home and power button for 10 seconds release the power button and keep on hold the home button until You see connect to iTunes with black background on your gadget iOS.
4. proceed with the reset restore iPad iPod iPhone

If the gadget iOS is not Yours, FindmyIphone apps need to turn off if not You will not be able to enter the menu iOS again and after the iOS 9 you even need the passcode to enter. You can check whether the FindMyIphone apps is on or not iMei at iPhone iMei Apple id checker to make sure there is no future regret and please use original usb cable iPad iPod iPhone.

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