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All-in-one Pc Service & Repair

We can repair all All-in-one PC Komputer Acer Z5, Asus ET, Dell, Hp Compaq Omni Touchsmart, Lenovo Ideacenter Thinkcenter, Samsung Series 5 Series 7, Sony L Series, Sony Vaio Tap dan Toshiba LX, etc... or newer. We are a few steps better than most of our competitors in motherboard or logicboard repair. For notebook please visit specialist Znotebook Repair, click here.


All-in-one PC Service & Repair

allinone pc motherboard

All-in-one PC repair service in Singapore.

  • Hardware Auto Restart, Price: 240 SGD
  • No Power, Price: 240 SGD
  • Power On No Display, Price: 240 SGD
  • System Restart Setelah Logo (IC flash), Price: 240 SGD
  • System Slow, Price: 220 SGD
  • System Heating Hot, Price: 240 SGD
  • Cannot read Memory, Price: 220 SGD
  • Cannot read Sim, Price: 180 SGD
  • Vga Problem, Price: 240 SGD
  • Waterdamage, Price:240 SGD
  • Wifi, Price: 120 SGD

All-in-one PC Spareparts

allinone pc spareparts

New All-in-one PC spareparts ganti replacement or modification.

  • Button Flexicable, price: 50 SGD
  • Camera, price: 50 SGD
  • Charging Port, price: 50 SGD
  • Hearing Speaker (Buzzer), price: 50 SGD
  • LCD/LED, price: 480 SGD
  • Motherboard, price: 470 SGD
  • Memory, price: 320 SGD
  • Mic, price: 50 SGD
  • New Battery, Price: -
  • Speaker, price: 50 SGD
  • Touch Panel, price: 480 SGD

All-in-one PC Software Service

allinone pc repair

All-in-one PC Software technical support.

  • Data Recovery, price: 40 SGD
  • Games and Songs, price: 40 SGD
  • Reinstall OS, price: 40 SGD
  • Software Auto Restart, price: 40 SGD
  • Software Errors Problem, price: 40 SGD
  • Software Optimasi, price: 40 SGD



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