The advantages of Xiaomi MI3 & MI4

Xiaomi is now a Smartphone seller No. 3 in the world (update: 15-8-2014) and there are only 4 years in the market with great competition from multinationals. Why do so many people buy Xiaomi? The advantages of the Xiaomi MI4 there are 4 factors: Direct Selling, Price, Promotion and quality.

Xiaomi Website and Agressive Marketer very effective in sales.

With priced at $ 299 SGD MI3 has specs that are not lose with the Samsung S4 and price that most closely MI3 just Lg Nexus 5.Xiaomi follow the stock price is always changing and other competitions of $ 338 for Lg Nexus 5 to $ 299 SGD been down once, to $ 269 SGD for a tax issue in feedback to $ 299 SGD. Now in Singapore Xiaomi MI3, Note and POWERBANK out of stock and in the Singapore market prices rose between $ 60 SGD, to $ 100 SGD (update: 15-8-2014) but this could be a backlash because only website selling redMi people so bored to the website.

Introducing apple style marketing, after the market demand they purposely make things become rather rare and making this case into the talk of people. Besides Xiaomi in the newspapers must be news 100,000 units sold within 1 hour when they pre-order these items a month earlier with other benefits. This tactic has been copied by Z3 jakarta Edition Blackberry, Samsung S5 and Note 4.

Xiaomi quality using advanced CPU together with highend smartphone Snapdragon (MI3 Xiaomi China using Nvidia), lcd fitting in use for browsing, watching videos and playing games plus beautiful casing which makes Xiaomi MI3 dream of many people.

How to install playstore in Xiaomi:

1. Turn on toggle Unknown Sources in Settings / Security / Unknown Sources
2. While in Notebook to create an account on the website, if at Xiaomi Smartphone Applications open MiStore and create an account
3. Search "Google" and install applications that appear first
4. After that you are free to install the other google apps :)

The damage that often occurs in Xiaomi MI3:

1. Audio IC that makes the other person can not hear any sound
2. Sim Reader because input sim converter without sim, sim coincidence converter is provided free by Xiaomi itself. The result Sim can not remove it from the casing MI3 and not a problem casing but sim or sim converter that transports in Sim Reader MI3.

mi3 sim rusak
Xiaomi MI3 sim converter without sim that can not get out

penggantian mi3 sim reader
Xiaomi MI3 replacement Sim Reader and Xiaomi Spare Parts

the difference between the original Mi3 LCD and Grade A Mi3 fake copy lcd only one that is flexicable connector the LCD to the motherboard, they can be used at each other while the other is exactly the same. The problem is that makes the LCD flexicable perishable choose the original as the cable is on the right.

perbedaan antara Mi3 yg asli dan Mi3 yg Grade A copy palsu lcd
the difference between the original Mi3 LCD and Grade A Mi3 fake copy lcd

How to distinguish between original Mi3 and Grade A fake mi3:

1. Register to Xiaomi and that could mean that the original
2. Flexicable lcd connector on the right as the image above

difference between Mi3 LTE WCDMA and Mi3 3G

How to distinguish between Mi3 LTE WCDMA and Mi3 3G:

1. Antutu benchmark results for Mi3 Lte WCDMA is 40000 and Mi3 3G 28000
2. A normal rear casing MI3 there are no texts WCDMA 3G or 4G
3. MI3 cpu in two layers and in which the first layer is made MI3 Lte WCDMA fused with a set of memory so that the CPU in exchange to 3G MI3 will keep the flame but can not call because IMEI will be lost
4. MI3 Lte can choose 4G Lte WCDMA network

mi3 motherboard mesin
Xiaomi MI3 motherboard front engine (left) and rear (right)

penggantian mi3 cpu memory
Xiaomi MI3 replacement CPU Memory

casing belakang mi3
difference between MI3 Casing Lte WCDMA (black) and MI3 3G (silver)

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