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Asus laptop

Zapplerepair Asus Laptop Notebook Service Center

We can repair all kind of Asus Laptop, Notebook and All in one PC.

Asus Laptop Notebook and All in One PC Repair


Asus Laptop Notebook Fix Motherboard Price in Singapore.

  • Pentium i5 / i7 -> (2013),
    Price: 90 SGD
  • North / South Bridge, Price: ++ 35 SGD
  • System Controller, Price: ++ 25 SGD
  • Vga Chipset, Price: ++ 35 SGD
  • Waterdamage,
    Price: ++ 20 SGD
  • Ganti motherboard Notebook, click here
    untuk Apple Macbook / iMac, click here

  • *note: Waterdamage Cleaning Service - 20 SGD
express onsite macbook repair

Asus Tablet and Mobile Phone Repair

re-new ipad

Selected Brand: ASUS      Selected Product: MOBILE & TABLET       Select Model:

    Asus Smartphone and Tablet Repair
  • Auto Restart, Price: Rp 1,250,000
  • Dead, Price: Rp 1,400,000
  • Power On No insplay, Price: Rp 1,400,000
  • System Restart Setelah Logo (IC flash), Price: Rp 1,400,000
  • System Slow, Price: Rp 1,250,000
  • System Heating Hot, Price: Rp 1,400,000
  • Stuck at Asus Logo, Price: Rp 1,400,000
  • Vga Problem, Price: Rp 1,400,000
  • Waterdamage, Price:Rp 100,000 ++
  • Wifi, Price: Rp 750,000

  • *note: Waterdamage Cleaning Service - 20 SGD

Asus Smartphone and Tablet Spareparts

asus service expert center

    Replacement parts Asus Notebook Tablet and Smartphone

  • Auinojack atau Auino Flexicable, Price: 30 SGD
  • Camera, Price: 30 SGD
  • Charging Dock Flexicable, Price: 45 SGD
  • Hearing Speaker (Buzzer), Price: 30 SGD
  • LCD Blank atau Pecah, Price: ASK
  • LCD Proximity Sensor, Price: 20 SGD
  • Motherboard, Price: ASK
  • Mic, Price: 30 SGD
  • New Battery, Price: 45 SGD
  • Power on/off Button atau On/off flexicable, Price: 20 SGD
  • Replacement Casing Bawah, Price: 30 SGD
  • Sim Card Reader (Cannot Read or Stuck), Price: 55 SGD
  • Speaker, Price: 35 SGD
  • Touch Panel ingitizer, Price: *One set with LCD
  • Vibrator, Price: 30 SGD
  • Volume Button or Volume Flexicable, Price: 30 SGD

*note: Price of Fixing the Sparepart - 10 SGD

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