Fix Playstation 4 blue light of death problem

Since Playstation 3 phat there is always problem with BGA YLOD (yellow light of death) and these Playstation Phat YLOD problem is really a product failure from Sony and yet they never learn from this experience. My recommendation is if you planing to buy second hand Playstation make sure you get the Slim version instead of the Phat one, another thing is Playstation 4 has the same problem with the blue light of death so how you can solve this problem? follow these 3 rebolding steps:

1. open the casing and remove the motherboard from the casing
2. put the motherboard under bga machine or use controlled blower and set the starting temperature 50 degree then after 30 seconds go to 250 degree for 1 minutes then back to 50 degree for 30 seconds.
3. put the best cooling gel available in market

Chipset Bga for Playstation 3 after changing and you can still try one more time to rebold the chipset but if the second time still ylod or boot up but overheat in motherboard causes the fan to turn so loud means your Playstation motherboard is already spoilt and for Playstation 4 chipset is more complicated because it is join with the vga chipset so you need to becareful when doing the heating on the chipset no to overheat it (usually the sign is on the chipset appear small bubble or crack) and you have only one chance for Playstation 4.

if you tired and give up faced this problem, we can help you fix this just bring your Playstation to our Workshop and we'll fix that, or call 83888781 for amazing service.