Fix Playstation 4 Lens cannot read cd drive problem

What is the common problem in Sony playstation other than the infamous Playstation 3 YLOD (yellow light of death) and Playstation 4 blue light of death, the next biggest problem is the Fix Playstation 4 Lens cannot read cd drive problem. The only way to solve this lens Playstation is to replace it with a new one, the steps are:

1. open the casing and remove the motherboard from the casing
2. take out the drive rom lens without heating it
3. put a new Playstation lens in and repack the set

This new lens since Sony Playstation 3 onward has a lower quality lens "class 3" than the first generation Playstation where after you burn it you can wipe the burn black mark away, all these because of cost cutting by Sony to reduce the cost of the product and of course the lifetime of the lens is also compromise.

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