LG Nexus 6 SIM reader can not detect the SIM card

LG Nexus 6 is the new smartphone from Google, with a menu that qualified for Smarphone class, but behind the advantage there is definitely a weakness or deficiency, and the last time we got a lot of emails from our customers who have problems with LG Nexus 4 because they can not detect sim , the following snippet into the inbox email us

"Halo zapplerepair,

I have a LG nexus 6 gift from my uncle from USA, and when I tried my sim card from my current phone (HTC Inspire), because my SIM Card was normal size, I try to cut manually so the size of a Micro SIM card put it in the LG Nexus 6. When I turn on the phone, it does not detect the card and I have done this several times. Initially I thought maybe there was a mistake when cutting the card, and I try to enter again into my HTC phone and the card is working normally, now his question whether the problems in my LG nexus 6 or what?"

if you face the same problem with the LG nexus 6? make sure you insert the micro sim card, if you cut the sim card manually, make sure you do not damage the surface of the card is yellow gold, and we recommend to use a sim card cutter has been designed to cut micro sim card and make sure simcard cut well, because when scratched or damaged gold plate, sometimes there will be a problem with the signal such as searching or low signal and can be simcard not detected.

If the SIM card is put into your Lg Nexus 6, when you turn it on, a message appears saying there is a SIM card.

1.Turn off handpone and put in the position of the screen facing down, looking for a hole in the top right simcard
2.Use a small pin or paper clip or Simtray ejectors bundled with your phone LG Nexus 6 and press the small button on the location of the slot to open the slide tray (do not press too strong as simtray iphone unlock LG Nexus simtray because it is more sensitive dr iphone)
3.If the open slot insert your SIM
4. Next you need to activate the SIM

if the above steps do not succeed possibility your Lg Nexus 5 have any problems with the hardware, and are often damaged parts LG Nexus 6 mobile phone is its simcard reader , and if you get in trouble as no signal, no service / searching and it must be replaced if you have difficulty replacing his own immediately contact an experienced technician, and we've experienced in replacing LG Nexus 5 sim card reader that can not detect the SIM card please contact us at 83888781 for amazing service.