LG Nexus 4 5 6 Hard Factory Reset Hotkey

LG Nexus 6 is the new smartphone from LG, with a menu that qualified for the smartphone in its class, which clearly LG Nexus is a smartphone that is very simple without any software that is not clearly make the nexus suitable for professional people. From the hardware side Lg Nexus also has a high capacity for a cheaper price what else touch screen LG Nexus one of the best in the world.

step by step to LG Nexus 4 5 6 Hard Factory Reset Hotkey:

1.Make sure the phone battery is still quite a lot of power or full
2.Turn of your LG Nexus 4 5 6
3.Press the POWER button and the VOLUME UP button at the same time, do not be released for a while, wait until the logo Lg Nexus
4.You will go into the Recovery Mode

if the above steps are not successful may or push one example that often occurs VOLUME UP VOLUME DOWN depressed even then there will be an error Nexus 4 stock Recovery NO COMMAND issue at the time of going on a factory reset to mengelesaikan this problem do again step 3 and 4. If you have any 4/5 Lg nexus hardware problem please contact us at 83888781 for amazing service.