How to flash the original iPhone iPad LCD firmware True Toned with P8000V6

P8000=V6 True Tone iPhone iPad flasher
Picture 1. Flasher P8000 = V6 above there is indeed no connector option for the iPad because it is currently still in revision.

Video 1. Zapplerepair Tool - How to flash the original LCD of the iPhone and iPad so that it can function true tone

If broken LCDs on the iPhone 8 / X / XR / XS and iPad Pros are replaced with a new one, the True Tone function will no longer work. Hence, the solution is to download the True Tone firmware from the previous original LCD. Then, flash it to the new original LCD using the P8000 flasher tool P8000 = V6.

How To Upload The True Tone Sensor Data Firmware On The iPhone X:

1. Prepare a broken original iPhone X LCD and a new original LCD.
2. Install the broken LCD connector to be read with the bottom button, then confirm with the middle button like Video 1.
3. Remove the broken LCD. Then, install the new LCD connector to flash with the confirm button and continue with the button above.

Please take note that every firmware on the LCD, fingerprint and front camera ID is unique, and this information

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