How to install third party or pirated software application to Mac Osx year 2020
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How to install third party or pirated software application to Mac Osx year 2020

Allow apps downloaded from Anywhere in Catalina 2020

Picture 1. Option to "Allow apps downloaded from Anywhere" in lastest year 2020 for Mac Osx Catalina 2020 to install pirated software.

After upgrading to Sierra, one of the most common frustrations You’ll encounter is that You are not able to install app programs other than those approved by Apple. Below are some tips below on how You can bypass this issue for (Sierra & above) :

1. At the top right hand side, enter "terminal" then click on the selected apps that You want.
2. Key in "sudo spctl --master-disable" then click enter.
3. Go back to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > in the General tab, Figure 1 as per above will appear.

Another solution is to reinstall using Yosemite or El Capitan and enter Your pirated software before updating it to Sierra. Besides, You can also install Sierra and then restore the data that already exists with Your favorite pirated Apps through Time Machine.

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