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Why do many people replace Macbook Air for iPad Pro

advantages iPad Notes iOS 11
Picture 1. The advantages of iPad Notes on iOS 11 using Apple pen though it can not be used on iPhone perfectly

iOS 11 comes out with great advantages for application Notes like handwriting options, highlights etc like Picture 1. but actually many people are starting to choose portability as priority where iPad Pro can already be comparable with Macbook Air in term of performance therefore iPad sales increase in recent months.

Besides the airport in Europe has started very tight rule of 7 kg handcarry that is why more people swap the Macbook Air to iPad Pro for traveling and work because iPad manucfacture from 2016 onward can multitasking and 4 finger swipe similar to the MacBook trackpad, plus the advantages Apple pen already exceeds the Samsung pen thus I can see why iPad being a tool for work and play. Tips: for iPhone plus users, you can buy Bamboo pen to use Notes app.

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