Open the Photos library from outside the main ssd harddisk on Mac Osx
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Open the Photos library from outside the main ssd harddisk on Mac Osx

Photos pilih library dari luar harddisk ssd utama
Figure 1. Photos select the library from outside the main ssd hard drive to save space on the startup disk

Indeed sebelin if out error problem startup disk is almost full and after I checked on the internet all the ideas and solutions not far from having to spend money for extra space hardware and cloud why do not we use the way I solve the problem?

Actually iMac 2015 output I use have the best solution for the problem harddisk is full is using 3d trusion hard disk trusion with 128 gb ssd original Apple but i know fusion harddisk I can sell at a high price so i open iMac slim and replace with 128 gb of ssd combine with 250gb harddisk resale. Differences fusion harddisk he can read as a physical hard drive then in addition to the application and Mac Osx system files in ssd, all my data points to the hard drive including photos and games.

The biggest data for me is the Football Manager game with an easy stay opened from the hard drive seken but the second is a photo in Photos that can not be opened automatically from the hard drive seken. The solution tutorial how to choose the Photos library from outside external harddisk:

1. Quit Photos, before open Photos push and hold "Option" button
2. after exit Figure 1. select "Other library"
3. from dropdown menu search your external harddisk or harddisk ssd and media other than main startup disk

For those of you who can not install extra harddisk or sd card in Mac can use external usb harddisk, easy is not it? strangely kok engga there ajarin on internet ya :)

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