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APPLE Data Security & Performance

We are offering fast turn around solution to your Office and Home with each our specialist Technician ready serve at your request

SELECTED PLAN: Office or Home maintenance
SELECTED PRODUCT: Time package including travel cost


Express On Demand onsite service

Mac data security and software

Rated #1 Onsite Mac service in Singapore.

  • Software issue: 1 Hour
  • Data backup, Price: 1 Hour
  • Data recovery via software, Price: 3 Hour
  • Data recovery via hardware, Price: 6 Hour
  • Data recovery via lab, Price: 12 Hour

Routine check for performance and virus

Mac factory reset for Office

Perfect for small Company without IT support

  • First time Mac Osx set up, Price: 1 Hour per unit
  • Additional software installation, Price: 30 Mins
  • Cleaning Mac for performance, Price: 30 Mins
  • Reset to First time set up including all the software, Price: 1 Hour
  • Configure Airport, Nas or Wan Router, Price: 1 Hour
  • Set up printer, Price: 30 Mins
  • Yearly backup all Mac data including replacement harddisk for better performance with each harddisk come with enclosure casing readable as external harddisk, Price: Service: 2 Hour Hardware: refer to Zapplerepair website

Hourly count and Report

laporan onsite maintainance service repair

Advantage of getting Premium Service.

  • Priority super fast turn around for hardware issues
  • On location within 24 hours from request
  • Free service work report on request