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How To Clean Up Your Macbook Keyboard

Macbook as we know is one of the most high-end specifications for notebooks market. In the same way with other computer, sometimes macbook keyboard experience many kind of problem, even we use it in normal way. Sometime the issues become larger than how to clean it to the major problem such as the function and program failure. Macbook keyboard mostly has problems:

1. Cleaning up the macbook keyboard
Most of macbook keyboard user gets the same problem of having their macbook keyboard cleaned up. Because even we use it in normal ways and regular use, the macbook can collects too much dust on the keyboard, sometimes it looks so bad when dust on the keyboard makes your work become not comfortable. You just need to do some cosmetic application, do some washing, not with water, just use a little wet towel or wet tissuee or use little fan to compress air to the near path that your hand cannot reach. Never use spray or other chemical cleaner directly to your macbook keyboard, because it will damage your keyboard. Just use some paper towel for safety clean up.

2. Broken Keyboard. Some of your keys on your macbook keyboard can be damaged, sometimes because of regular use and frequently use, make it pop off. When some of it damaged, just go get some services, because Apple Macbook does not make keys for replacement. It is not available, you just need some services on the service center of the macbook keyboardservice center.

3. Damage of the liquid. Never spill the liquid to your macbook keyboard, water or ink or drink oreven soda are not good for the keyboard. But if you spilled into your macbook keyboard accidentally, flip over the keyboard and make it pointing to the ground to minimize the liquid get into the keyboard, use a fan to dry the rest of the liquid. But it will harder to dry, if you spilled soda and any sugary liquid, because it need more time to dry and if it not dry enough, your macbook keyboard need a replacement keyboard.

4. Eject Button for the CDs and DVDs broken? As we know, macbook keyboard has same operating way with macbook qwerty and pc qwerty. When the eject button for your CDs and DVDs player cannot work properly, you need to do some command on your terminal, just type "drutil tray eject" and then the disk drive will let anything inside out, the command push the disk drive to get out all things on the drive and you can use it again just like before.

5. Your macbook keyboard is broken? If your macbook keyboard really do not accept any command by you, do not type anything you type and refuses any responds, so need to change your macbook keyboard and or you need to re-install it. Or you can check the cable of your macbook keyboard, is it connected to the motherboard, if it does, but still not working it means your macbook keyboard is broken, but if it still working but sometimes loses the work, it means you need to do some services for your macbook keyboard.