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What should I do if iPhone iPod iPad get liquid water damage

First I should explain that there are no gadgets like liquid water, teach regulations to do iPhone iPod iPad get liquid water damage. I recalled the first incident to test waterproof smartphone was with Fujitsu F-06D when first launching in Japan in 2011 at a price of 65000 yen ... in Suntec Koi pond i recorded nice videos for about 50 secs, After that the smartphone turns itself off after 3 days. There also another case where i went out sailing to see dolphins recently, there are many possibilities for iPhone iPod iPad splashed by Water because almost everyone there does not have any protection on their smartphone.

Why is smartphone need 3 days before many problem start? was due to corrosion takes approximately 2-3 days to make the motherboard inside be short circuit sometimes faster. In this time immediately take it to a reliable technician who can open and clean corrosion in the iPhone iPod iPad get liquid water damage. Please dont think waiting will solve the problem as it will get worse not better.

In addition, these three things must be done:
1.If You have the screwdriver try to remove the battery of your iPhone and that iPod / iPad release the connector (for waterproof phones like Sony Xperia Z Series waterproof immediately go to step 3 because it is difficult to DIY open it) from logicboard to the battery
2.Clean all visible water on the outside and shake iPhone iPod iPad get water damage leads to the bottom of the docking or speaker
3.Use rice grain for about one hand grip into the plastic to eliminate moisture in the iPhone iPod iPad get liquid water damage overnight

After this iPhone iPod iPad get liquid water damage or iPhone iPod iPad splashed by Water usually just need to replace the battery, cleaning or LCD. Rice grain is important so You can wait for a few days without worrying about corrosion. The most important thing is please do not try to keep turning it on after realising there is some problem after step 3.

The Future problem of iPhone iPod iPad get liquid water damage:

1. Capacitor on the logicboard still work well but they may discharge wrong current which lead to noise or instability
2. Corrosion can make electronic route dissapear which mean there is no connection at all, for this problem there is only one solution which is panji the motherboard

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