iPhone camera removal service in Singapore for NS or Army

iPhone 6 camera removal Singapore
Picture 1. iPhone 6 rear camera remove from the casing after two holding screw taken off

Since March 2016 Singapore government allow all Army going personal to have their smartphone modify no only at authorised telco company but also outside technician like Zapplerepair. Why you want to choose us? it is because we been around in Singapore for so long infact so many of our staff goes on to have their own shops all over Singapore, so dont doubt our experience :)

So how to remove iPhone 6 camera DIY:

1. turn off your handset then open the two bottom screw using pentalo (5 star small size driver) screw driver
2. use your index fingernail to find space on your bottom right while the iPhone 6 lcd facing you then dug out the lcd
3. remove the 5 screw on the cover of lcd connector then another 3 screw on the front camera flexicable side
4. here you have the option to put black tape of completely remove the camera by cutting it most people go for the first option
5. at last remove the two screw holding the iPhone 6 rear camera the first screw is obvious but the second one you need to clip the connector camera out first slowly peel it and you will see there is a round shape just beside the camera covered by black plastic just unscrew directly without peeling the plastic then remove it like Picture 1

It is easy and everyone can do it as long as you do it slowly for us we can do it within 10 minutes but listen to our advice please just take your time as first timer. For iPhone 6S between step 1 and step 2 please heat your iPhone 6S using hair dryer long enough so you can start to peel the glue and pluck out the lcd as per step 2.

For the rear camera of iPhone easy to take out but the front camera what are the advantage of cutting the front camera from the flexicable? you will be following the right guideline from government especially if there are more people using iPhone in Army then the new rule of stricter check will be implement so taping of front camera will not work especially there are many apps that actually detect whether camera is working or not other than that there is hearsay of if the front camera is cut off then there will be short circuit or iPhone become hot or even restart by itself which all not true except iPhone blue screen then restart it is because of unprofessional technician inserting the wrong screw at the lcd cover.

Remember base in the directive, the iPhone camera needs to be physically removed of course the bad point is you need to replace the front camera flexicable again to make it normal but most of smartphone you cannot use for long time so the chances you gonna use it again for civil usage is pretty minimal :)

Other alternative like sandgraining the plastic to make the taken photo & video blur does not make any sense because it is will leave a permanent mark on the set and may spoilt the lcd if you do it wrongly so better get a cheap Xiaomi phone and get the camera remove at Zapplerepair.

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