iPhone 6 Wifi and Bluetooth Grey Restart

Since the launch of the iPhone 6 in the world we receive many complaints iPhone 6 Wifi and Bluetooth Grey Restart after 5 ~ 10 minute its going to restart itself as for the iphone 6 Wifi slow and often drop solutions from the internet about this issue has been tried but no use, it turns out this is Apple's product manufacturing error.

It reminds me of the iPhone 4S Wifi which is similar to the iPhone 6 they have a problem in wifi chipset that needs to be replaced. I think for people who have not bought an iPhone 6 should wait for the latest release from Apple in order to get the better Wi-Fi chipset. The problem I'm sure Apple is now probably already know they will follow the iPhone 4S Wifi problem where the wifi chipset made into thinner and more heat resistant than the previous wifi chipset first and second batch output.

Why can iPhone 6 Wifi slow and often drop? Due to the electronic routing to transmit data between the CPU to the chipset wifi has an overheat problem and it iPhone 6 frequently drop wifi signal because the wifi chipset has some foot on the chipset for grounding when the heat cause the foot to loosen it will drop out if it is on the important transfer or power data but if it is just loosen on the ground then still can be used but iPhone 6 wifi weak or iphone 6 Wifi slow and often drop.

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