Battery iPhone bloated pushing the lcd up - All info about iPhone battery

Actually problem of Battery iPhone 5 bloated pushing the lcd up make an opening gap between the casing bezel and lcd has happaned before in iPhone 3G 3GS, the deferences are iPhone 3 3GS's battery will only bloat if the battery is left for along time unused while for iPhone 5 is because of unreliable powerbank and fake usb cable which overcharged and suddenly it will bloat up and keep on growing if uncheck or replace will make Your iPhone lcd flexicable to break.

3 cases of battery iPhone can caused fire or even explosion:

1. internal circuit problem can make a short circuit which turn to component heating hot or even worse electric sparks.
2. technician sometimes will make problem by forgetting a screw inside which will puncture battery iPhone, the escaping gas from iPhone's battery is very flammable.
3. the most problematic one is using fake adaptor and usb cable iPhone which has no protection and in China there is a stewardess died of burn caused by fake adaptor send high charged current caused the iPhone's battery to explode, so make sure use original adaptor iPhone.

Battery iPhone 5 bloated pushing the lcd up because of the gap, dust and liquid can easily enter the iPhone which will make more problems so faster get Your iPhone battery change replace asap.

merawat cable usb
Picture 1 iPhone 5 lcd comes out from casing

merawat cable usb
Picture 2 it is because the battery inside bloated pushing the lcd up

merawat cable usb
Picture 3 another iPhone 5 on the same day same problem ...

Currently to ensure you get the ost of out your battery the trick is to charged up to 85% and use the iPad iPod iPhone and the extend the battery life you can try:

1. use Eco mode or Powersaver mode
2. set brightness to level 1
3. turn off program that use a lot of cpu power like gps and hotspot
4. to save even more, turn off vibrator, wifi and speaker
5. from 5 onward it is for Notebook or Macbook, dont use drive and plug any external device
6. increase your memory so the processing does not need to use your harddisk often
7. change setting Computer properties > Advanced system settings > Adjust for best performance box and turn off visual effects
8. Defrag harddisk once a month
9. dont multitasking
10. clean the contact between adaptor head and the connector on the Notebook or Macbook
11. use sdd instead of hdd

How to change iPhone 6 battery Sparepart

Video 1 Service changing of iPhone 6 battery Sparepart replacement

How to take out the iPhone 6/6S from the casing? because there is very strong glue but please dont use blower to heat up the battery because it will damage the battery and dont use any hard opener to scoop it as it may tear the flimsy plastic cover of iPhone 6 battery. The right way is the slowly peel the strap stripe at the bottom of battery then slowly pull the glue out for iPhone 6/6S there are two stripes while for iPhone 6+/6S+ there are three stripes.

How to identify grade of iPhone battery

Now there are 4 types of iPhone battery in Singapore:

1. Level O original battery made by Sony for Apple since 2014 with cyclecount dibawah 5 plus Full charge capacity up to 1500 Mah
2. Level A original battery made by ATL for Apple from 2012 - 2013 with cyclecount battery average 300 plus leftover Full charge capacity around 1100 Mah
3. Level B battery is not original but using the original flexicable
4. Level D battery and flexicable both not original, this is the worst quality

Dont use the level D battery as iPhone does not have ic protection circuit for its power management ic chipset unlike Sony Xperia any abnormal current will spoilt the iPhone logicboard, one of the job of original flexicable iPhone battery is to make sure stable enter iPhone remember that.

battery iBackupBot
Picture 4 plug in Your iPhone then in 'Device' look at bottom right click 'More Information'

To test cyclecount battery iPhone and the leftover Mah charge capacity You can use software iBackupBot. This is the screen shot iPhone 5 original battery where Full charge capacity still 1365 Mah which mean this battery is a good battery because iPhone 5 max factory full charge capacity is 1440Mah, summary this battery is not new but is a good condition battery.

Solution to iPhone 6 6+ lcd comes out of bracket bezel

Why iPhone 6 6+ lcd comes out of bracket bezel until lcd light comes out from the side? the early people working in changing iPhone cracked glass line is not as perfect as now they always tend to put normal glue instead of the currently famous jiaming glue for bracket and iPhone touchscreen, the end result has to be the glass seamlessly connect to bracket. This imperfection add with high usage of cpu emit heat which soften the glue make iPhone 6 6+ lcd comes out of bracket bezel.

Oyah there program recall for battery Apple iPhone 5 available in Singapore go to nearest Apple Authorize Service Center near You. For any other iPhone problem please contact @83888781 for Zapplerepair branch nearest to You.