Window Surface Pro 4 LCD Vibrates Violently and Appears Shadowed when Overheated
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Window Surface Pro 4 LCD Vibrates Violently and Appears Shadowed when Overheated

LCD Window Surface Pro 4 bergetar kencang dan muncul apabila terlalu panas
Picture 1. Factory product defective in Window Surface Pro 4 lcd vibrates violently and appears shadowed when overheated.

Window Surface Pro 4 users use this gadget like a desktop. If the Window Surface Pro 4 is experiencing a long update, then the users just left behind maybe the user will find the product failure on the lcd as in the Picture 1. The only way to handle that is turn off Window Surface Pro with force shutdown by pressing the power button and volume up until Window Surface Pro 4 totally off and then wait 5 minutes. After the device is not too warm, You can use again.

In the forums, much discussion about the firmware software can resolve this problem of Window Surface Pro 4 LCD Vibrates Loudly and Appears Shadowed when Overheated but I don't believe that information on the discussion. Therefore, every 10 original's lcd Surface Pro that I bought new from the factory, I tested it for 4 to 5 hours for watching youtube nonstop and make Surface Pro too hot. The result is 7 lcd has started vibrates and appear page shadow, so this is indeed a problem Surface Pro 4 LCD not the firmware. Maybe the firmware can reduce the Surface speed or if the Surface Pro 4 heat rises to a high level then the power from the battery is reduced to slow it down, which ultimately reduces heat in the logicboard. In additional, i hope in 2018 Window Surface Pro 5 change the design. Where the cpu should be close to the fan, not like Window Surface Pro 4 which has the fan on the left and the cpu on the right. Until this time i don't understand why it is like that.

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