Third party cannot hear Caller's voice Problem in Audio ic Chipset

Heloo gadget freak, never experience your caller's voice calling could not hear fitting time? or other person can not hear your voice, well let's first check the following review, maybe you can find a solution it

When a person calls can not hear the caller's voice through the speaker and the speaker phone hearing, and could not hear the music through the speakers, also the sound can not be heard by someone who received a call

the Solution:

1. Make sure that your iPhone is not installed headsets, headphones, or adapter.

2. Make sure the Ring / Silent switch does not switch to silent mode

3. Try riding down Volume button,

4. Check the headset jack. If there is an object lodged in the headset jack iPhone

5. If there is debris light, such as fiber, the headset jack, try connecting a pair of headphones into the headset jack and then remove the headphones. Repeat this several times to remove impurities.

6. If the iPhone agan use a screen protector screen protector pastiin top nutupin ga speaker holes (mesh receiver) as shown below, usually buy the new iPhone there is a kind of plastic that coats the screen protector iPhone front

7. Check the mesh receiver (which is located at the front of the device, at the top of the screen). If appears blocked, use a clean brush, small, dry, soft-furred carefully and gently brush any debris.

8. If agan use Bluetooth headset that is nearby, either use the headset or turn off Bluetooth (select Settings> General> Bluetooth).

9. try restarting the iPhone.

10. If restarting the iPhone can not, try to restore the iPhone

11. If the problem persists, it means there is damage to your iPhone Audio ic Chipset on your logicboard hardware problem, to further can contact us zapplerepair for 83888781 service / repair.