Macbook Air Pro Retina liquid water damage solution

Today was the worst day of our customer. when he went to school with his brand new Macbook Air and a bottle of mineral water in bag but the cap came out ...

There was really such a tiny amount of liquid on his macbook air but it went down, didn't boot, nothing. when he came home and he put the Macbook on its side and googled what his options were. After 2 hours of googling and a bit of crying he decided to just call the Apple store and tell them the story. (This wasn't the most easiest option for him because he bought it in the US and live in the Singapore). He tried to turn on Macbook air and it just suddenly started booting!! immediately he shut it off, there is still no hope! have You ever experienced something like this, do not give up as there is still way to fix Your Macbook Air water damage, first thing need You do if You got water damaged Macbook Air is:

1. do not turn On Your macbook
2. if Macbook is ON, shut it off immediately ( hard reset - hold ON/OFF button till mackbook OFF )
3. open backcase dry and clean the water or liquid inside... ( e carefully when opened backcase, cause the screw is very sensitive and use screwdriver that suit with screw)
4. if You not able or cure to open it, Contact Professional Repair / Service Apple near You. We have special liquid to clean Your logicboard
5. put Your Macbook into an amount of rice ( make sure u close all the holes, include USB, Audio jack and Mic do not let any rice can get into Your Macbook)
6. don't delay on the last 3 steps as the longer it is the less chances Your Macbook Air water damage can be repair and it is to prevent corrosion

Which spareparts usually need replacing from Macbook Air Pro Retina liquid water damage? in some case many our customer drop their drink on keyboard side so keyboard replacement is the common case. in the case alot of water went into Your Macbook air maybe it can damaged the logic board, LED (water mark on the lcd)and especially battery. in the case of water sip in when the macbook alive, it will short on logic board, buzzing the speaker, mic and camera so on ...

Back to the Macbook Air Water damage case, he found us at Hardwarezone Forum after cleaning then we put a jumper on a regulator, changed a few capasitors and chipset his macbook air back to normal again :) to fix repair Macbook Air Pro Retina liquid water damage solution You need to have skill in checking which part is the problem using Landrex software circuit testing. (his Macbook Air water damage case is logicboard got shorted)

So if You got problem like this, do not sad cause we can help You fix all this thing, call @83888781 or visit