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The advantages of LG Smartphone and how to use the LG Phablet

LG G2 / G3 has a volume button and camera on the back, but for a 5.2-inch smartphone or phablet, indeed vulnerable fall due to the grip slightly less powerful that when pressing the buttons at the back that too difficult also looking after my own life one month still not comfortable, G3 is more slim and tasty on the handheld but from the glass bezel lcd directly fused to make the LG G2 / G3 to fall in the corner is definitely crack the glass. As bad LG I want to explain why I still use it :)

How to use the LG smarpthone Phablet:

1. At the time in sleep mode Lg G2 / G3 can get straight to the Quick Memo Camera with shortcuts and power button and volume up and power button and volume down, this is 2 of 5 applications and shortcuts that I often use in Smartphone phablet.
2. 3 the other applications can access very quickly through Slide Aside, This makes me remember the HTC right Button history that LG made in Button settings.
3. Quick remote is the most attractive function not only can be used to adjust the lights or door and a camera but apart from that I have tried to use the LG smartphone for remote controlling. As an engineer I could feel the next LG definitely want to use this technology to create a Smart Home System that in control through hand gestures and finger-style LG G5.
4. How to take a screenshot LG: on the screen that would in the screenshot, press the power button and volume down buttons followed by the screen shot will shrink entered automatically into the Gallery.
5. How to turn off programs running apps in the LG: fastest way to delete the application program from the memory of the smartphone LG is to use task manager apps that are in the list and how to shortcut Apps Apps on LG stay pressed a bit longer then there will be an option to move the shortcut Apps page to fit our needs, if I, Task Manager is definitely on the main page.
6. In addition to the no. 5, if there is a program crash or die you can also press the home button 3 times then the task manager app remover will automatically appear.
7. Manual restart by pressing all the buttons at the back Lg Mobile for 7 seconds.

difference between the original and fake battery nexus
Battery LG Nexus harder than the fake battery

How to differentiate the original LG battery and false:

1. If there are two battery LG Nexus original and fake then simply check the hardness because the original harder than fake.
2. if nothing, then open the paper backing its battery check whether the battery china and that both somewhat difficult in view the the original part the connector metal plate that was not easily bent.

sometimes software problems can also create a lot of problems after moving or backing up data via software or Hardware Factory reset settings your LG Smartphone . How to Hardware Factory reset settings your LG Smartphone of your, All data will be lost so as first bought:

1. when the power off, push the power button and volume down.
2. Search wipe data / factory reset with volume down then push the power button.
3. Then select Yes when Delete all user data by pressing the power button.

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