How to Get Back the Missing or Stolen iPhone

cara cari balik iPhone hilang
Picture 1. How to get back the lost iPhone click on "Show in My iPhone Search" there are two options "Play Beep", "Missing Mode" & "Delete iPhone"

Have you ever lost the same iPhone for two days in a row? Then get back the iPhone: D

Here is my way to get back the iPhone who left in the online taxi. Because a Zapplerepair Employees not following the rules should have, I have not focused on traveling from the airport to the employee's home. So that makes my concentration dispersed while in the online taxi and when I get off the taxi, my iPhone even left in the online taxi. How to get back the accidentally left iPhone in the Grab online taxi:

1. Borrow an iPhone from people around You, and for a while input Your iCloud on the iPhone and then install the corresponding online taxi app (in this case is Grab).
2. As soon as possible contact Grab using application at least twice to dial the number You can use.
3. The Grab’s driver will be contacted by the Grab’s call center to save your iPhone safely. You will get a phone and email about the drivers carrying Your iPhone.
4. Rule of Grab, the driver should call You and restore Your iPhone without expecting any compensation. But, as a thank You for the Grab’s drivers who have been keeping Your iPhone safely we should be kind enough to give a compensation as long as You want.

In other cases, my iPhone was once left on a bus and I realized it was at home. The thing that should be done quickly to recover my lost iPhone is:

1. Borrow an iPhone from other people, then input your iCloud
2. Go to SETTING > APPLE ID (Your name) > Select the lost iPhone
3. Then check last location of Your iPhone on "Find My iPhone" then screenshot
4. If you don’t have a password, You must lock the iPhone with a password with click "Missing Mode"
5. Find the location, then from the "Find My iPhone” page click " Play Beep "and see around You, see who holds your iPhone
6. If urgent, don’t be shy to contact the police to help you immediately.

If the iPhone is already turned off, then the solution can only report the missing iPhone to the police with IMEI in picture 1. Then from step 4 write down Your number who can be contacted and offer a reward for the iPhone back. Miraculously twice the iPhone lost or fell, but can come back again. But it only takes time and patience is solid. Like the proverb "No Pain No Gain" in this case "No Effort No Iphone"

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