How to Replace an iPhone 6 plus Lcd Sparepart

Video service replacement iPhone 6 plus Lcd Sparepart

Technical things that need to be learned absolutely nothing because it was too basic and for things like complete screwdriver opener iPhone iPad Macbook one set can be purchased in zapplerepair special screwdriver for Apple iPhone iPad Macbook that can be used anywhere at price of 15 SGD only. Oyah if you want to purchase iPhone lcd 6 plus to zapplerepair iPhone replacement spare parts and chipset.

Warning: the current temper glass cannot protect your iPhone 6 lcd glass as perfect as the previous iPhone model because of the curvy edge at the end of the lcd and if you are a first timer of changing your own smartphone lcd pls dont do on iPhone 6 first try on previous model first as you may spoilt the fragile connector on the board by rubbing and hard pressure etc ... at Zapplerepair we encounter many of this cases so we got to charge extra 25 SGD to change connector lcd on the iPhone 6 logicboard

iTunes error message 53 after changed iPhone 6 lcd caused by low skill technician which causes the flexicable behind the lcd plate to break or broken and the worst possible case is spoiling the flexicable fingerprint sensor. Solution of Error 53 iTunes: replace the flexicable below the lcd plate then restore it if this one dont work then it is Your flexicable spoilt for this case You need change logicboard. The right way to make sure You dont spoilt the flexicable finger print iPhone 6 is to open the clip connector from the right side unclip it using Your long nail, for Amazing service please contact us @83888781 for Zapplerepair branch nearest to you.